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Un projet d'avenir pour Dimaco


It has been more than eight years since Virginie and Guillaume LOGNON took over Dimaco, which has been in business for more than 40 years.

During this period, many things were set up in order to always better meet your expectations.

All these evolutions have allowed our company to progress.

Today, Virginie and Guillaume LOGNONÉ have decided to hand over to the URACA group in order to offer Dimaco new prospects for the future, thanks in particular to the development of the export activity.

Discover the french press release here


Novembre 12th 2020

Hydroclean develops on social networks

Hydroclean continues its digital development by establishing itself on social networks: Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube.

Digital is omnipresent today, and in order to be closer to its customers, Hydroclean has chosen social networks.

On Facebook, find all the news, new products, presentation of the different ranges, products and services, technical advice or maintenance ...

On Linkedin, find job offers, promotions but also technical advice on your cleaner.

On Youtube, find each month a new video with technical advice on high pressure: how to maintain my cleaner, how to check the valves ...

Do not wait any longer, join us:

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May 6th 2020

Misting against high temperature

In the face of strong heat, misting appears to be the solution to improve the well-being of animals.

Farms equipped with a misting system are more resistant during heat waves: performances are maintained

and no sows are lost.

Daniel Le Dain, in charge of the gestating part of the Kerian collective maternity hospital (900 sows),

equipped himself with the Hydroclean misting system after the first heat wave in May 2019. "Unlike

the first [heat episode], we did not have any sow losses. Reproductive performance was are maintained

at high levels."

Read the press article "Réussir" may 2020 (in French)


CFIA 2020.jpg

May 4th 2020

Pork : How to avoid heat stress

Porc mag offers a well-argued dossier on the effects of heat stress on porks. This file allows to better

understand heat-related issues and the solutions to be put in place to deal with the coming episodes

of short or long duration heat waves.

Thanks to misting, the temperature can be lowered by 4 to 7°C, depending on the hygrometry.

Yvonnick Rousselière, building engineer/equipment at Ifip, advises to prioritize high pressure misting

at more than 50 bar, which allows for the diffusion of finer and more numerous droplets, so that they

can evaporate before to fall back on the ground or the animals.

Read the press article "Porc mag" may 2020 (in French)