CHOOSE the right HP washer


Pressure and flow rate

High pressure washing is economical and ecological. It enables saving up to 80% water as compared to traditional cleaning.
  • Pressure (bar) is the impact.
  • Water flow rate (l/h) is the output.
  • These two parameters will have to be adjusted according to the use in order to reach the best result and thus reduce cleaning time.

Electrical or with combustion engine ?

Depending on your electrical installation, you can either use a single-phase washer (220 V) or three-phased (400 V). If no electric supply is available, pressure washers with combustion engine (petrol or Diesel) guarantee maximum flexibility and independence for efficient professional use. Ideal in the building industry, towns and green spaces...

Stationary or mobile ?

Depends on use :
  • periodic or intensive,
  • Need to wash alone or for more than one user,
  • Size of the surface to clean

For which use ?

We are offering our help to choose the HP washer that will fit your needs among our large range. Use our application on home page to find it !
All our HP washers accept water at a maximum temperature of 60°C.