Choosing the right high pressure nozzle

The choice of the high pressure nozzle determines the performance and good functioning of your HP washer :
Nozzle too small = excessive pressure, misfunctioning, premature wear of hydraulic components
Nozzle too big = Less pressure than expected
How to choose your high pressure nozzle ?
I know the operating pressure in bar and the water flow in l/min of my HP washer. Example : water flow 15 l/min (900 l/h) - operating pressure 150 bar.
1. The first line of the below chart shows the pressure ”150”
2. I look vertically from ”150”, for the figure that comes closest to 15, here as it happens ”15,2”
3. Looking horizontally from ”15,2”, I find the value ”055” in the size column
4. Consequently I need a "055" size nozzle for my HP washer.
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Water flow in l/min according to operating pressure in bar
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