uj.png, number 1 for the professionals 

A strong French partner

  • 35 years of experience
  • More than 100 000 HP washers manufactured
  • 1st French manufacturer of high pressure washers and 1st European manufacturer of self powered high pressure washers



  • HP washers designed with the best components on the market
  • Long life machines, with easy maintenance
  • Strong equipment made for difficult working conditions
  • Each machine is tested after assembly and validated by the technician
  • Traceability of parts thanks to the serial number

After Sales service

  • Spare parts available for all the life of your equipment
  • All parts for pumps of the market shipped within 24 hours


  • Integration of novelties to make the user’s job easier


  • The HP washers with the largest equipment on the market !

An extended range

  • New range of hot water HP washers.
  • New range of trailers, stationary units and disinfection equipment.
  • The most complete range of cleaning accessories and spare parts on the market, with more than 10 000 references available !