Designed with the best components, to last !

Frame and plate Welded steel frame and plate. Plate mounted on silentblocs to avoid vibrations.
By-pass regulator Unloads the pressure of the pump when the spray gun is closed.
Radial pump With crankshaft and 3 to 6 solid ceramic pistons. Rotation speed 1450 or 1000 rpm.
V-Belt drive Offers a flexibility that extends the lifetime of the pump.

Use & maintenance tips

  • Never let the HP washer work in closed circuit during more than 2 minutes
  • Define precisely the size of nozzles : you need to know the flow rate and the pressure.
    See page "Choose the right high pressure nozzle"
  • If the water is not clear (sand ; debris), protect the HP washer thanks to a bowl filter with rinceable cartridge.
  • Maintenance of the HP washer is essential :
    • 1st oil change : after 50 hours max.
    • Other oil changes : every 250 hours or at least once a year.
  • Oil quality for the pumps
    • Bertolini : SAE 80W90
    • Interpump, Udor, Annovi, Hawk and Cat : SAE 15W40